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SpeedFam applications


SpeedFam services a wide variety of industries providing equipment to process any material. We have installed equipment and developed processes for the Aerospace, Power Generation, Electronics, Semiconductor, Data Storage, Fuel & Gas, Ceramics, Medical, Optical, Automotive, Heavy Equipment Hydraulic & Pneumatic, and Telecommunications industries to name a few.

Any material can be machined using SpeedFam technologies including all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, Ceramics, Silicon, Sapphire, Glass, Carbon, Composites, Plastics. Any ridged material can be machined to create the specification you require.

Technical Support:

Our highly technical staff can begin to help you from the very first contact. At SpeedFam we understand that it is not only equipment that you require but a partner to help you. That is why we start with a clear understanding of your physical parameters, production requirements and cost models along with operator interaction and training. Our goal is to provide a complete solution that meets all of your business needs now and in the future. Have our expert applications team review your requirements, provide process development, sample parts and production studies to guide you through your requirements.

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