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SpeedFam abrasive products come in a variety of materials and packaging to meet your needs. These abrasives are specified to meet ANSI standards and are available in micron, mesh or grit sizes for any application.

-Aluminum Oxide Abrasive (White and Brown)

-Black and Green Silicon Carbon

-Boron Carbide

-Diamond Powder, Paste, and Slurries

Speedfam medium


Speedfam machines

These specialty blended products are formulated and manufactured by SpeedFam with your demanding requirements in mind. They are available in a biodegradable Water Base or standard Oil Base formulas depending on your requirements and material types. Vehicles are available in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon metal or plastic drums. For high volume applications, 275-gallon totes are available.

-Water Base

-Oil Base

-Specialty Blend

-Pre-Mixed Slurries

Speedfam carrier


SpeedFam uses only U.S. suppliers to manufacture all of our plates and segments. These manufacturing processes ensure the quality, reliability in process, and the availability of consistent results you require and deserve. Ask us for more details about this or compare them yourself.

-SpeedFam Speedalloy Segmented Plate Sets

-SpeedFam Double Side Lap Plates Sets

-Conventional single or double side lap plates for any application

-Stainless Steel Polishing, Copper, Mild Steel and Composite Plates

-Specialty Plate Materials upon request

Speedfam lapping

Work Holding Rings & Conditioning Tools:

Work holding rings and conditioning tools are available in different configurations to meet your application needs.

-Geared or Fully Geared FAM Rings

-Plain, Smooth, Slotted or No Slots Rings

-DSM Lap Plate Conditioning Tools

-Diamond Pellet Pad Conditioning Tools

-Brush Pad Scrubbing Tools

-Specialty types for lapping and polishing system

Speedfam grinding

Carriers/Work holders:

Part carriers for DSMs and Work holders for FAM and Lapping machines are available as blanks or pre-cut to your work dimensions. They are available in all materials and thicknesses and usually can be made in one week for standard materials and thicknesses. Let us work with you to engineer the most efficient design and talk to us about our stocking programs to minimize material at your facility.

-Fiberglass G-10, Phenolic, FR-4

-Plastics PVC, Acrylic

-Aramid, DLC Coated, Stainless Steel, Blue Steel, SK-5

-Plastic Insert Carriers

Speedfam applications

 Specialty Items:

-Polishing Pads

-Fine Grinding Wheels

-Accu-Flat Plate Measuring Gauge

-Polish Flats – Optical Flat

-Optical Light Sources

-Polish Flats & Paper

Speedfam Lapping Table
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