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Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

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Speedfam About

Mission Statement:

“We Respect our Customers,Partners and the Environment. We Provide World-Class Products and Service, and Strive to be the Easiest Company to work with!”

SpeedFam Corporation

In the demanding world of tighter and tighter manufacturing specifications, SpeedFam Corporation can help. Since 1959 we have partnered with our customers to develop new technologies, refine processes, and produce the highest quality flat machining equipment available. If you require precision flatness, parallel, and fine to polished surface finishes on any material, we have the solution.


At SpeedFam we understand that it’s not only equipment that you require but a partner to help you. That is why we start with a clear understanding of your physical parameters, production requirements and cost models along with operator interaction and training. Our goal is to provide a complete solution that meets all of your business needs now and in the future.


Our expert applications team can discuss your requirements, provide process development studies and make suggestions from a full line of equipment. From basic to fully programmable systems, SpeedFam’s Free Abrasive, Lapping and Polishing machines come in either one- or two-sided systems in a variety of models and configurations.


We have operations in the US, Japan, Taiwan, India, Europe, Korea, China, and Singapore. Our global network allows us to share resources and provide cost effective solutions wherever your needs are. We manufacture Single and Double Sided Lapping and Polishing Systems, Edge Grinding/Polishing and Measuring Systems. This, along with our full line of consumable products and service support, allows us to exceed your needs for years to come wherever your requirements take you.













Speedfam Global Map

Charities we Support

Speedfam Charities

SpeedFam Mechatronics (Nanjing) Ltd.

Address : 28 Renjie Road Jiangning Nanjing 211100 P.R.C.

Contact Person : Mr. Wu Ping

Tel : +86-25-5210-2687-500   Fax : +86-25-5210-2087

E-mail :



Melchiorre S.r.l.

Address : Via Raffaello Sanzio 58, 20021 Bollate (MI) Italy

Contact Person : Mr. Cesare Lori

Tel : +39-02-66-046-522   Fax : +39-02-66-040-111

E-mail :



SpeedFam (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Address : W-401 T.T.C. Industrial Area M.I.D.C. Rabale Navi Mumbai 400 701


Contact Person : Mr. Praful Govande

Tel : +91-22-2769-2621   Fax : +91-22-2769-2869

E-mail :



SpeedFam Korea Ltd.

Address : 99 Chusa-ro Gwacheon Gyeonggi-Do 427-070 Korea

Contact Person : Mr. Hyun-Jin Lee

Tel : +82-2-503-3888   Fax : +82-2-503-2662

E-mail :



SpeedFam Co., Ltd.

Address : 5E Gambas Crescent Nordcom 1 Singapore 757041

Contact Person : Mr. Derrick Chong

Tel : +65-6561-7997   Fax : +65-6555-9201

E-mail :



SpeedFam Inc.

Address : 56 Kuang-Fu South Road Fu-kou Hsin Chu Taiwan R.O.C.

Contact Person : Mr. Jerry Peng

Tel : +886-3-5983411   Fax : +886-3-5981488

E-mail :



SpeedFam Corp.

Address : 1544 Barclay Blvd. Buffalo Grove IL 60089 U.S.A.

Contact Person : Mr. Brian Frederick

Tel : +1-847-499-3400   Fax : +1-847-499-3401

E-mail :

Corporate Headquarters

SpeedFam Co., Ltd.
Address : 4-2-37 Ogami, Ayase-, Kanagawa 252-1104, Japan
Tel : +81-467-76-3131 Fax : +81-467-77-7159
E-mail :



Polisher Manufacturing Division

SpeedFam Nagano Co., Ltd.
Address : 553-12 Seto, Saku-shi, Nagano 385-0035, Japan

Cleaner Division

SpeedFam Clean System Co., Ltd.
Address : 4-2-37 Ogami, Ayase-, Kanagawa 252-1104, Japan
Tel : +81-467-76-2721 Fax : +81-467-77-2020


Laser Division

SpeedFam Clean System Co., Ltd.
Address : 4-2-37 Ogami, Ayase-, Kanagawa 252-1104, Japan
Tel : +81-467-76-7872 Fax : +81-467-77-2020

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