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Spare Parts:

Keeping your SpeedFam machines running at their peak performance requires OEM parts. For this reason we offer all the components originally installed on your machine. Using parts made to the original specifications will assure the quality production you have come to rely on from your SpeedFam Machines. For information or questions on spare parts, please contact us at

Field Service:

Maintenance of your SpeedFam Machine is critical to its proper performance, capabilities and your bottom line. Our factory-trained technicians can perform routine inspections and provide preventive maintenance to keep your system in top operating condition. We offer full services to repair or re-build an entire machine, drive cluster or precision pneumatic systems in the field. These packages are designed to get your machine up and running properly with minimal downtime and cost.


We  offer upgrades to enhance the performance of older machines including conversions from a manual controlled machine to an Allen Bradley PLC and a    Pro-Face HMI controls or upgrading an old PLC or Touch Screen with new controls and features that will enhance the performance of you existing machine. 


We also offer replacement of your existing Sony Sizing Control boxes with a simple easy to use and simple design that can replaced buy your staff.


Safety Guarding can be added to meet current OSHA safety compliance. 

Call to find out more about upgrading your existing machine at 847-499-3400

Upgrades,Retro Fits and Enhancements:

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