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SpeedFam Polishing

Single Side Lapping Machine (SSM) Basic:

These simple-to-operate manually controlled Lapping machines are available in sizes from tabletop units to 72” plate configurations. The control system provides the necessary features to perform most any process with high accuracy and repeatable results. Features include your choice of Lap plate configuration and movable ring positioning arms or reversible ring drive for table flatness control. These systems are complete with manual controls for the cycle time, slurry delivery and speed controls.

Lapping Table

Single Side Free Abrasive Machine (FAM) Advanced:

Our namesake, the FAM or Free Abrasive Machine is the most productive machine in its class. The heavy-duty design, hard steel FAM plates and its capability of operating at high pressures make it the most efficient system on the market. Our patented Positive Flatness Control allows for easy maintenance of the process flatness while in production. These machines can be tailored to your application and production needs with a variety of options. Some of these include Water Cooled Plates, Parts Handling Tables and Programmable Touch Screen Controls. This  allows for minimal operator intervention and constant reliable results.

SpeedFam Single Side Free Abrasive Machine

Single Side Polisher (SSP):

The SpeedFam Polishing Systems are the most advanced in the world.  They are available in systems for Mechanical Hard Polishing or Pad Type Soft Polishing. With endless options, these systems can be configured to meet your every process requirement. They are available with Hard Plate Cutting systems or Pad Scrubbers and High Pressure Cleaners. We can provide machine and slurry temperature controls features, and all of these options can be operated through a simple-to-use touch screen control. Whatever your process requires, we can meet your needs.

Lapping Machine
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