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SpeedFam USA

Edge Grinding:

SpeedFam Edge Grinder equipment is manufactured for all types of substrate materials and a variety of profile shapes. From basic to fully automated systems, this wide range of equipment can support substrates of any material such as silicon, metal, SiC, sapphire and oxide substrates. Our Edge Grinders provide easy operation, simple maintenance, and reliability.

Speedfam Edging Machine

Edge Polishing:

The EPD is a system which improves the Wafer Edge by polishing patterned wafers. The EPD removes foreign and unwanted substances from the edge bevel at critical process nodes. SpeedFam is the pioneer of Edge Polishing Machines for the production of prime wafers. We make use of this system with astonishing results on 300mm, 200mm, and 150mm wafers. The SpeedFam Edge Polisher is the global standard in edge preparation used in prime wafer factories all over the world. This equipment supports 300mm, 200mm and 150mm prime wafer production.

Edging Machine

Edge Measurement:

Our Edge Profiler is a metrology system fuse in the inspection and certification of profile geometries. The system can perform measurement of the edge and notch in a single unit. Various kinds of material can be measured from diameters of 2″ to 12″ including transparent substrates such as quartz crystal. The Edge Profiler enables improvement of quality and yield management produced in the edge grinding process.

Speedfam Edging
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