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Speedfam Fine Grinding

Double Side Fine Grinding:

With your manufacturing requirements in mind, SpeedFam Companies and the Melchiorre Brand Fine Grinding machines combine the necessary elements of overall quality, extreme structural strength and advanced electronic control systems. These characteristics produce the closest tolerances, highest production rates, simplest machine operation and lowest cost per machined part.

Speedfam Fine Grinding

About Fine Grinding:

Fine grinding is a super finishing process performed by removing material from two surfaces of a component resulting in extremely precise geometric accuracy and surface finish. Typically, it is the last grinding step of a mechanical production chain utilized to improve and/or correct the geometry of parts coming from sintering, sawing, molding or similar operations. Depending on the application, the stock removal also can be taken from just one surface. The material removal is achieved through the use of special super-abrasive grinding wheels. These wheels made with diamond or CBN (cubic boron nitride), through their friction, accurately remove material with aggressive stock removal rates. The grit size, the bond and the concentration of super-abrasive are defined by our applications team to optimize your productivity. This high level of technology allows such machines to achieve the same quality as the conventional lapping process. Main advantages are the much higher production rates than that of lapping with minimal part cleaning required.

Speedfam Grinding

Our wide variety of sizes for all of your needs:

Fine grinding technology has been advanced by Melchiorre with the double side machines series ELC. The ELC series systems utilize a ball screw pressure system for the most reliable, durable and accurate system on the market. The advanced and easy-to-use touch screen control panel provides simple process design, storage and recall. Its self-learning system provides constant and accurate control of your processes. These systems are available in the ELC 500, 900, 1200, 1600 and 2000 mm sizes. This array of sizes and features allows us to select the optimum technology with the most cost efficiency to meet your needs.

SpeedFam grinding Machine

Consumables to support your needs:

We help our customers to optimize the required technology and improve production quality while making the operator’s work easier with the following products:

  • Super-abrasive wheels, in Diamond or CBN, in a variety of pellet and groove designs

  • Conventional abrasive wheels

  • Conditioning/dressing rings and tools for quick and constant results

  • Work piece carriers designed to maximize your part production

  • Special equipment designs and requirements to meet all of your process needs

As always, we provide the quality and support you have come to expect from SpeedFam and Melchiorre!

Speedfam Parts for grinding
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