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Speedfam DSM
Double Side Machines

Double Side Machining (DSM) basic:

These simple-to-operate Double Side Lapping machines come standard with HMI & PLC controls and are available in sizes to process parts as thin as .002” or diameters up to 20”. The control system provides the necessary features to perform most any process with high accuracy and repeatable results. Features include true four-way motion, part size control, pressure and cycle time settings and much more.

Speedfam Double sidded machine

Double Side Machining (DSM) advanced:

The same quality SpeedFam has been known for over the past fifty years is available in the newest, most advanced Double Side Machines ever made. These models of DSM provide all the features of the basic systems with programmable touch screen controls. This allows you to pre-program multiple process steps and processes to run with little operator intervention. The available four-drive motors provide unlimited process control and the newest drive systems, and inverters provide the smoothest operation in the industry.

SpeedFam Double sided machine

Double Side Polishing (DSP):

For your demanding polishing requirements SpeedFam offers the DSP models from basic to advanced. These polishing systems can be configured to meet your every process need. With critical non-corrosive components you are assured the results you expect. These systems operate with all different types of polishing pads or film products and can be tailored to use any polishing media you require.

SpeedFam Dounle sidded lapping machine
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